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Hello & welcome to another Meme Lordz development update! Many things have transpired since our last medium update … we have much to discuss!

Our last update came along side our official NFT minting launch & full Chain Link VRF integration. We have since seen players mint over 4000 Meme Lordz NFT’s, complete the 80 hour campaign story line & begin preparing for the incoming Meme Lordz multiplayer release.

Following on from our successful minting update, the development team at Meme Lordz continues to work tirelessly at providing game content updates, marketing opportunities & most importantly … making key progress on our upcoming multiplayer system.

This update will briefly touch on the most recent game content updates & our new marketing team & social manager. We plan a larger and more exciting update which will detail are new battle system rework & minting fee increase schedule due later this week!

Route to Ba Sing Sei: Expansion

Welcome to our new zone.

3 weeks ago, the team rolled out a new update containing some incredible new features & content.

The new ‘Route to Ba Sing Sei: Expansion’ allows players to continue leveling their Meme Lordz through a new earth themed environment. The level cap increases to 44 as players discover new lore & uncover the increasing depths of corruption in the vast areas of Planet Memnon.

Access to the Terrorist TYPE becomes available for the first time along with additional mintable Meme Lordz. This means an entirely new move set and set of damage modifiers entirely unique to the Terrorist typed Meme Lordz.

A rare Meme Lord.

To add to our new zone, story, Meme Lord & class updates, we also made significant progress in updating many visual aspects of the game!

New particle systems have been added throughout the game to increase immersion & aesthetic appeal. A complete redesign of the beloved Meme Stream now greets users when cleansing & minting Lordz. New effects for healing pad animations & subtle lighting peppered throughout Memnon adds a new depth to the world.

Lets get cleansing!

A long awaited & requested feature also joins the list … introducing the Memedex!

Our new ESC menu.

Accessible through the ESC menu, the Memedex tracks all Meme Lordz encountered in the wild & allows players to view the base stats of those respective Lordz.

Given the battle system’s complexity & depth, this update opens up a world of opportunity for plays to optimize their Meme Lordz party in new and exciting ways.


New security features also snuck their way into this update, with a full account login system which allows players to set Username, Email & Password to secure their accounts. We can’t wait to see who’s username becomes to most notorious in multiplayer!

Meme Lordz Multiplayer & P2E:

Rage quit.

With multiplayer & P2E just around the corner, things are really heating up in the Meme Lordz development cycle! As things stand, we are confident in delivering the first multiplayer features in-line with our roadmap, by the end of Q1.

After some long analysis on our originally proposed multiplayer system, the team came to a unanimous decision to make some core modifications. With a focus on new user growth and accessibility, our team have devised a new & evolved vision of how multiplayer will integrate with Meme Lordz.

The final Ba Sing Sei zone will remain as a single-player area, siloed off inside the ‘main campaign’. Given the amount of time required to progress through the game, we want to ensure new players can enjoy the fruits of the multiplayer system without playing through 80 hours of story content.

A new ‘battle arena’ zone will be accessible to new and old players ’ from Grub’s lab and allow everyone to experience the thrill of multiplayer Meme Lordz combat. This will also funnel our global community into a single highly populated zone we expect to be filled with community fun & action!

The underdog.

We still have plans for an entirely persistent multiplayer world with questing and story, but due to logistics and our focus on user acquisition; this will now be saved for the future expansions which will be accessible via the battle arena in the distant future.

The ‘battle arena’ zone will be completely multiplayer with chat bubbles & a in-game link system for setting up battles.

The battle system will initially be comprised of 2 distinct battle leagues.

Arcade League:

  • NFT’s required to play. (minimum 1)
  • All Meme Lordz default to level 50 with all moves available.
  • A rotating selection of (10) common final evolution Meme Lordz, available for new users to experiment with.

Official League:

  • NFT’s required to play.
  • Level bracketed (10–20, 20–30, 30–40, 40–49, 50)
  • Official ranking
  • Gain experience
  • Win prizes from P2E pool

We believe this new system will allow new players to rapidly start playing, mint or buy an NFT & instantly join the multiplayer fun. The arcade league will allow these new players to battle at a high level & select from a small (rotating) list of common final evolution Meme Lordz.

We hope this will get new players excited when batting long time players who wield rare Meme Lordz … only found deep in our campaign story mode!

Time to earn!

P2E will join the multiplayer update & allow players to convert a variable amount of Shard-Dust into a capped amount of BNB, on a daily basis. We strongly believe this system will propel Meme Lordz to the next level in user acquisition and growth.

Marketing & Community updates:

A true master.

A much needed refocus and evolution of the Meme Lordz marketing strategy & community is currently underway!

A completely dedicated marketing team has been onboarded & has started work on an incredible strategy to accelerate our growth. This alleviates pressure from the core Meme Lordz team & allows the marketing to be given full focus by many specialist individuals.

Our new teams focus initially centers on restructuring and putting the pieces in place for our big multiplayer & P2E launch. The efforts of the new marketing force will become more apparent over time as we draw closely to the full realization of the original Meme Lordz vision.

Joining our marketing team is our new dedicated community and mod manager Haworth. A talented professional, who will be on a mission to create the most friendly and engaging community environment in our telegram channel. Haworth joins the team on a core level & will help to keep the community and mods up to date on all official Meme Lordz information.

We looking forward to growing into a large, positive & thriving community that is a fun place for our investors, gamers & fans to hang out & discuss everything Meme Lordz.

Stay tuned for the first huge dedicated marketing update & a new section of our website to match :D … ow and! Huge updates to the battle system & minting fee changes coming later this week with a new medium post to join!

Thankyou for your continued support,




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