Meme Lordz Development Update #13

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6 min readMar 3, 2022
Bad Luck Brian found no rare Lordz.

Hello & welcome to another Meme Lordz development update!

Operations are ramping up in the Meme Lordz team with exciting news on many different fronts. As we draw closer to Multiplayer and P2E launch, expect massive changes throughout every corner of the project.

Today marks a big milestone in the Meme Lordz development timeline, with the release of our new battle system update. This medium update will take you through the new system & provide crucial updates on our new minting fee increase campaign.

The New Battle System:

New health plates!

Since our first alpha release, something about our native battle system just hasn’t been right. With a fast-paced roadmap in-front of us, we faced many challenges in prioritizing new features & key milestones. With multiplayer upon us it was finally time to rebuild our battle system calculations from the ground up to ensure players the best combat and multiplayer experience.

The new changes shine especially strong in end level gameplay due to the complexity of battles & sheer amount of effects stacking up on your Meme Lordz. Players will no longer experience frustrating combat bugs that mess up crucial battles which can require perfect setups to execute!

Jackie Chan gets destroyed by some attack reflection.

The Meme Lordz battle system allows users to cast a number of varied effects on their primary Meme Lord. These effects range from increases in base stats (attack buff, defense buff) to absorption shields, attack reflection shields & damage/heal over time effects. Previously, these effects have all been time based effects.

The turn sequence in combat changes vastly from turn to turn, due to changing speed calculations (due to secondary/primary lord changes). This has lead to many shortfalls in advanced battles often causing players to lose crucial turn ticks & important effects.

To combat these shortfalls, we introduce a new concept in the Meme Lordz battle system, time based effects vs. usage based effects.

Time based effects will “tick” once per turn, after the effected Lord has played their move.

Usage based effects will only “tick” when the Meme Lord has gained usage of the effect. For example: Your Meme Lord has an effect which increase defense. This effect will only “tick” when your Meme Lord receives an incoming attack & thus benefiting/using the effect. This solves many turn sequence related problems and adds a huge new complexity to the system.

Usage based effects now comprise a large % of moves & can shift gameplay dynamics in many ways!

The dreaded attack reflection moves are now usage based & thus will only “tick” down when the effect Lord is attacked & the attack reflection is applied. This pushes players to dispel more often & reconsider party structure to include a utility based Meme Lord.

The new battle system also fixes a number of bugs that were introduced in our last update. All in all, users should have an incredibly smooth & stable experience this time around.

Meme Lordz NFT Minting Price Increase & Progressive Tier Campaign:

Confucius says ‘Mint!’

Since the launch of our flagship, in-game NFT minting system, we have been closely monitoring our system & gathering market information. It has becoming increasingly apparent that our pricing structure for NFT minting is incredibly undervalued.

In light of this, we now move to increase the base price of both our standard & special NFT mints. Increased mint fee’s mean bigger redistributions, larger P2E pools to earn from & an overall increase in player earnings!

Our early NFT holders will be very happy to see the base price of their current Meme Lordz NFT’s vastly increase in value. To keep things fair & attractive for new players & minters, we have decided to run a progressive tiered increase campaign leading into our multiplayer release.

This campaign will see progressive increases of both our standard & special mint prices over the next few months which allows new minters to join the fun and benefit from the revaluation of Meme Lordz NFT’s.

To celebrate the new battle system update, the first price increase is live NOW & thus we begin the journey through the increasing tiers & path to Multiplayer & P2E.

The price increase tiers are outlined below.

Mint Price Increase Schedule.

Next time users login to the Meme Lordz game they will be presented with our new tier 1 minting fee of:

Standard Mint: 10 $Lordz + 0.01BNB

Special Mint: 15 $Lordz + 0.01BNB

We will be running a progressively intensifying marketing campaign around these price increase tiers, so get minting before the masses realize how lucrative Meme Lordz NFT’s & P2E can be!

Time to Burn!

This boy knows how to make some fire!

Since our smart contracts went live we have had over 5000 Meme Lordz NFT’s minted!

This means 25,000 $Lordz has accumulated in the royalties wallet. Since our redistributions claim portal is still under development and gas for a manual send out seemed more costly then the redistributions set for send out; we decided to put the question to the community!

We had a unanimous vote to burn the minting fee’s until the claim portal is online. To make up to our community for being so patient during our heavy development phase we have decided to triple the minting fee number and add to the burn event!

With an additional 75,000 $Lordz from reserve wallet, we have just burnt a total of 100,000 $Lordz or 0.1 % of the total supply!

Marketing & Community:

Viral action on the way!

With a new professional trailer on the way, educational YouTube content, paid ads, SEO optimization & a dedicated social media team, we are very excited about the upcoming months.

All Meme Lordz social media pages are going through a major make-over as part of our new marketing teams efforts in laying the foundation for our multiplayer & p2er launch! This includes a huge purge of our YouTube channel and preparations for the Meme Lordz trailer which is currently being edited!

We have a large competition planned to jump start community growth next week as we move closer and closer to Multiplayer & P2E!

We encourage all holders to jump in our discord server where we will be ramping up community activities & general activity.

This update marks the final stretch in development … the next time you hear from me … we will be doing battle in multiplayer!

Thankyou for your continued support,




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