Meme Lordz Development Update #14

Just around the corner!

A Quick Recap!

On the 5th of April we launched our official Meme Lordz trailer! It has accrued over 10,000 views on twitter since its launch & has drastically helped educate the masses on precisely what Meme Lordz is!

Meme Lordz game artwork.
So big!!!

Meme Lordz NFT Validator:

The Meme Lordz NFT Validator release is just around the corner & will accompany the new single player expansion. The Meme Lordz validator will allow players to learn crucial information about NFT’s they wish to buy on the open market.

Meme Lordz Validator App v1

Scanned NFT’s & PvE Playability:

At the present moment, if a user were to buy a Meme Lordz NFT, it has no function with in the Meme Lordz game … until now.

Y2K bugs lurk deep in the server rooms of Memnon.

The War Party:

Introducing the War Party.

Ba Sing Sei Expansion & Server-Side Update:

The Ba Sing Sei content expansion tops off this list with hours of additional story content, new mintable Meme Lordz, new items/features & some serious plot-twists!

A shot from the Kandash Valley.

Marketing, Community & The Wider Environment:

Our new exploration of in-game cross-community promotional events, positions us well to continue a steady base-line of marketing while we put the finishing touches on the expansion and multiplayer. In-game promotions with other communities has been a very successful low cost, marketing strategy which will continue to be utilized through the next phase of the project.

Dope Wars custom mini-zone.
Card packaging mock-up.



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Meme Lordz

Meme Lordz


Meme-Lordz is an upcoming blockchain game powered by the BSC network. Battle, Bind and Collect your Meme-Lordz in this viral NFT based game.