Meme Lordz Development Update #14

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7 min readMay 12, 2022


Hello & welcome to another Meme Lordz development update! We have taken huge strides in many aspects of the project over the last few months & have many things to share with you all.

Our last development update accompanied our new battle system which launched around 2 months ago & has held steady for hundreds of the new players joining and grinding through the game ever since. After the battle system went live the Meme Lordz team continued working on all fronts & has continued to deliver huge milestones & key improvements in this period.

The last 2 months has seen the team launch the official trailer & staking/farming pools, forge new partnerships & mobilize in-game cross-community collaborations. All the while our development team has been working non-stop to deliver the upcoming Ba Sing Sei content expansion & multiplayer release, which will be explored throughout this medium post.

Just around the corner!

A Quick Recap!

On the 5th of April we launched our official Meme Lordz trailer! It has accrued over 10,000 views on twitter since its launch & has drastically helped educate the masses on precisely what Meme Lordz is!

A action-packed, informative & viral video which encompasses all that is Meme Lordz.

To accompany our trailer we also launched our single $Lordz staking & v2 LP farming pools which have seen a great deal of success.

With over 20% of the total supply of $Lordz currently sitting in the staking contract, we have helped to stabilize the price to best degree possible & rewarded holders in the process!

Meme Lordz game artwork.

Another major step in legitimizing the project came when we listed on IGDB, Twitch’s game database. A crucial step for any game, blockchain or traditional & something that a great deal of blockchain games never manage to achieve.

This has paved the way for official Twitch streaming & poises Meme Lordz to begin spreading its wings in the traditional gaming sector.

To further help onboarding new players & showing the world how expansive our game is, we developed & release the v1 official map of Planet Memnon!

Feast your eyes on this monstrous open world map!

So big!!!

Meme Lordz NFT Validator:

The Meme Lordz NFT Validator release is just around the corner & will accompany the new single player expansion. The Meme Lordz validator will allow players to learn crucial information about NFT’s they wish to buy on the open market.

The NFT Validator will breathe new life into the Meme Lordz NFT economy through the highly impactful, in-game information which will be available to users going forward.

Since each NFT that is minted in the game, is linked to a real Meme Lord, as that Meme Lord levels up, so too does the NFT. A Meme Lord at the maximum level of 50, should demand a higher value & thus opens avenues for players to make money through leveling & selling high level Meme Lordz to those who may be time-poor.

With a simple tokenID input, users can quickly check out detailed stats of Meme Lordz NFT’s they wish to purchase.

Meme Lordz Validator App v1

The Validator is a standalone app which will require no login & be accessible from the Meme Lordz website!

Scanned NFT’s & PvE Playability:

At the present moment, if a user were to buy a Meme Lordz NFT, it has no function with in the Meme Lordz game … until now.

Y2K bugs lurk deep in the server rooms of Memnon.

Joining the line-up of features in our upcoming expansion is the scanned NFT’s & PvE playability update.

This means all those Meme Lordz NFT’s you sold on the open market will disappear from player accounts & purchased NFT’s will become playable & accessible in-game!

This along with the NFT validator app, will drastically complete the Meme Lordz vision & allow new players to rapidly get started & have fun experimenting with different Meme Lordz they have purchased. Once multiplayer comes online these features will coalesce into the thriving economy Meme Lordz set out to become.

The War Party:

Introducing the War Party.

Our new War Party functionality will go live with the multiplayer release but features here due to its relevance to our NFT & validator system.

The War Party shows a player which Meme Lordz they are taking into multiplayer battles, and acts independently to the standard Lordz party. Players will swap out their War Party from a dedicated War Party Computer which will be located in multiplayer zones.

The War Party will only allow Meme Lordz with valid NFT’s to be populated and thus NFT’s become a base requirement to play the Meme Lordz multiplayer features.

Ba Sing Sei Expansion & Server-Side Update:

The Ba Sing Sei content expansion tops off this list with hours of additional story content, new mintable Meme Lordz, new items/features & some serious plot-twists!

A shot from the Kandash Valley.

The Ba Sing Sei update allows players to reach the maximum level of 50 for each of their Meme Lordz & sends them deep into the Kandash Valley & Ba Sing Sei to weed out the latest threat from O’Brien.

While the Ba Sing Sei update features some incredible game content, it also marks a significant change in the Meme Lordz backend systems. The culmination of months of testing have lead to the Meme Lordz game now running completely on our webserver.

This is a monumental achievement for us & plugs some major vulnerabilities which could not be permitted to stick around as we scale the game up for the influx of new players on multiplayer release. This task has taken most of our development teams time over the last few months, as it is absolutely imperative that the Meme Lordz game be un-exploitable.

Meme Lordz is now running like a fully fledged MMO-RPG with all Random Number Generation happening on our server. This means spawn-rates & drop-rates cannot be tampered with & also paves the way for our multiplayer expansion!

Are you ready to run around Memnon with your friends?!

Marketing, Community & The Wider Environment:

Our new exploration of in-game cross-community promotional events, positions us well to continue a steady base-line of marketing while we put the finishing touches on the expansion and multiplayer. In-game promotions with other communities has been a very successful low cost, marketing strategy which will continue to be utilized through the next phase of the project.

Our collaboration with Dope Wars & T.A.B showed how quickly in-game promotions could be mobilized and effective they can be at on-boarding new players.

Dope Wars custom mini-zone.

Our partner-ship with MemeNFT continues to flourish as we collaborate on exciting new prospects for Meme Lordz including physical cards which are NOW in production & will be teased to the community very soon. These will be initially utilized as promotional giveaways & to distribute at blockchain conventions. A spotlight interview with our CEO Ryan Smith will be dropping soon & of course our debut listing on the MemeNFT v1 Marketplace!

Card packaging mock-up.

As the wider markets continue & accelerate their bearish phase, here at Meme Lordz things are business as usual. The team is well prepared to maintain all aspects of the project through an extended bear market, so rest assured Meme Lordz will continue to grow & expand regardless of the color of the charts. Although we will slightly delay the both the expansion & multiplayer release’s by 3 weeks, the vision, value proposition & ethos that drive this project remain the same.

While many projects may never emerge from the crypto winter unfolding as we speak, Meme Lordz will emerge stronger then ever. Moments like these separate the strong from the weak & the projects with utility from the substance-less. Planet Memnon is a curious and creative world which exists outside of markets, as a piece of art & entertainment for enjoyment and consumption & that stands above everything else.

Thankyou again for your continued support!




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