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7 min readJun 7, 2022


Lama blesses you.

Hello and welcome to another Meme Lordz development update. This update serves to highlight the considerable feature updates that comprise the Meme Lordz: Ba Sing Sei Expansion which has just gone live.

This may well be the biggest content, feature & technical update that we have rolled out since the projects humble beginnings. With new features & improvements penetrating every corner of the project, the Ba Sing Sei expansion ties it all together in a very special way.

With an immersive story content update, key technical server updates, a full minting system rework, the launch of our Meme Lordz Validator app & full PvE NFT functionality, this update has something for all our community members.

Ba Sing Sei Game Content:

Welcome to Ba Sing Sei.

The story component of our mammoth update, allows players to venture into Kandash Valley & the extended land of Ba Sing Sei. Here they can progress their Meme Lordz to level 50, catch 30+ new Meme Lordz, access a never before seen affinity & continue to cleanse the corruption of Planet Memnon.

New side quests, evolution trees, relics & items await those who finish the main quest lines and want to continue their journey. Although hard to put an exact number on it now, we estimate the game sits at 100 hours of content, something we are very proud of.

The new Athlete affinity.

The new “Athlete” affinity joins the ranks with an entirely new move set & related evolution trees. As well as previously un-accessible Lord affinities which now receive dedicated zones & quests!

The new zones & story content is complimented by extensive combat balancing, tweaking & crucial new features which radically change the foundation of Meme Lordz. The technical changes to the battle system & core dynamics will be outlined in a separate patch notes document for the more technically inclined players.

New Meme Lordz means an updated Catalog! Feast your eyes on our version 3 Meme Lordz catalog:

Meme Lordz Affinities — Meme Lordz Catalog v3

Meme Lordz Server Upgrade, Migration & Password Reset System:

Heard’ a Snowden Meme Lord made off with some sensitive data!

As of today, the Meme Lordz beta game is now running on our dedicated game server with a full in-game password reset system!

Although players might not notice a huge change, the security of our system has drastically increased now that all the crucial data is being handled via the server. With a complex NFT system linked to our game & real money at stake for players, we felt it was incredibly important to ensure all potential exploits which would undermine player time, be resolved.

Leading into our multiplayer expansion, it is imperative that our battle system be balanced, robust and fair. With our flagship battle system now running from our game server we can too ensure that all the necessary foundations have been laid for the multiplayer update.

With a server-side game, comes MMO-like systems. Players will now notice they are no longer able to load their save files & are only presented with the option to “Save”. With our new auto-save & server-side functionality, we move towards a persistent multiplayer world where all in-game action, has consequence.

A dedicated password reset system means no more contacting support for that password reset! Our in-game password reset system allows players to simply receive an email, input the code to Unity & input a new desired passwords … the benefits of server-side functionality!

Our revised minting system (see below) heavily utilizes the new server functionality to ensure maximum security in the minting process & allows for additional blockchain based data to be included in-game.

Meme Lordz Minting System:

A full revision of our NFT minting system also awaits users upon login to the new expansion content. A streamlined rarity system sees our previous Normal & Special mint options, rolled into the new standard mint function.

The revised rarity system consolidates all 6 NFT options into the one standard mint function & boasts increased rarity for all tiers. This translates to an instant rarity increase for all Meme Lordz NFTs in existence due to the revised probabilities now part of the new standard mint function.

In short, Meme Lordz NFTs, especially special ones, just got rarer!

The new & revised, Meme Lordz minting system.

A new pricing tier also drastically increases the value of Meme Lordz NFTs, bringing us one step closer to our final mint price tier, to be implemented on multiplayer release. From a humble 15 $Lordz too a much more reasonable and fair 150 $Lordz per NFT, we believe this increase will have positive effects on the $Lordz token & ecosystem. More $Lordz for mints, translates to more $Lordz burnt from supply & more $Lordz added to our P2E pool.

ChainLink VRF now moves to backend functions, allowing considerable streamlining of the Meme Lordz mint process, but still providing key randomicity where needed.

Time to mint!

The revised mint chances & price for the new system are as follows:

Meme Lordz Mint Price:

150 $Lordz + 0.01 BNB

Rarity chances:

Normal — 50%
Woke — 30%
Blessed — 14%
Divine — 4.9%
Celestial — 1%
Transcendent -0.1%

Meme Lordz Validator App:

The Meme Lordz Validator app, accessed through our website, allows players to view crucial information about Meme Lordz NFTs.

Since each NFT is linked to an in-game Meme Lord, so too is its level, evolution & validity. Accompanied by the PvE NFT functionality (read below) the Validator app allows players to quickly find out what level a Meme Lordz NFT is before purchase & have it playing inside there game account in seconds.

We expect this feature to breath life into our the Meme Lordz NFT market as people shop for our NFTs with a new perspective. Since a valid, level 50 Meme Lord is more valuable then a lower level counter-part, players can now “Grind-to-Earn” by leveling up Meme Lordz and selling them on to players who may not have the time to progress a Lord to its peak.

Users can simply input the tokenID of the NFT in-question & see all relevant information they need to factor into an NFT purchase.

Only level 12!

This player has some grinding to do.

PvE NFT Functionality:


One of biggest & most exciting milestones to date, the PvE NFT functionality. Stepping in sync with the Meme Lordz Validator, the new PvE NFT functionality scans a users wallet each time they load into Planet Memnon, allowing access to any Meme Lord NFT they have bought or transferred!

Successfully purchased and scanned NFTs … someone's been shopping!

This also means those players who have sold NFTs will now see them removed from their game accounts such that the Meme Lord is no longer playable.

Now users can browse Meme Lordz NFTs, checking their in-game level with our validator, make a purchase and instantly load up their shiny new Meme Lord into our game. Experiment with new Lordz, grind up your own Lord for re-sale or curate the ultimate party for our upcoming multiplayer expansion!

Community & Marketing Update:

Will you find a wild Chuck?

This week holds more then just a huge content & systems update!

Our partners at Meme NFT will be proudly representing Meme Lordz at Decentral in Austin, a buzzing crypto convention. Attendees will be able to play Meme Lordz on a demo laptop, enter a exclusive airdrop promotion & obtain some Meme Lordz promotional cards if they are lucky!

More to come!

This will be the first of many future appearances our project will be making at blockchain based events as our development slows down & public outreach steps up!

A dedicated marketing & community post will go live later this week once the new game system are online & working smoothly.

Until then,

Thankyou for your continued support,

Douglas Jenkins.



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