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6 min readJul 3, 2022


George W used Skull n Bones!

Hello and welcome to another Meme Lordz development update! Its been just over 3 weeks since our Ba Sing Sei expansion went live & players ventured into our new content & systems. It’s been an intense few weeks of bug fixes as we work through the teething problems of our brand new server-side game system. Players have caught new Meme Lordz, defeated new enemies, completed quests, chased O’Brien to the depths of Ba Sing Sei & acquainted themselves with the huge changes to the Meme Lordz battle system.

We now have our eyes firmly trained on our impending multiplayer & play-to-earn system releases which will finally unite the various elements of the Meme Lordz project into the succinct vision we dreamt up just over a year ago.

This update aims to prime the community for the impending multiplayer & play-to-earn updates, as well as detailing the changes & improvements to the Meme Lordz roadmap.

Lets begin!

Meme Lordz Multiplayer:

Steve used Stingray Barb!

In just a-few days players will no longer be limited to battling NPCs & the true power of Meme Lordz NFTs will be realized. The Meme Lordz Multiplayer update will introduce the first phase of our new roadmap, allowing players access to their new War Party, which can only be populated with minted, valid Meme Lordz NFTs.

The first phase of our new roadmap (expanding upon below) introduces the new multiplayer room, an area in Grub’s lab which will serve as the initial multiplayer hub where players can swap out their War Party & access the multiplayer battle options.

Testing the new multiplayer room.

Initially players will be able to challenge another Meme Lordz user account to a ‘friendly battle’. Friendly battles will serve as a foundation to ensure the base multiplayer battle experience is stable when running larger numbers across the world. The team want to ensure the battle system is as balanced as possible before our official league & rating systems are launched to guarantee a fair competitive environment.

Some key notes regarding the Meme Lordz multiplayer battle system:

  • Multiplayer battles can only be initiated if a player has their Meme Lordz NFT(s) assigned to the War Party.
  • Multiplayer battles can be initiated from the multiplayer room in Grub’s Lab by typing & sending a request to the username of your target player.
  • Players will be given 30 seconds to submit turns.
  • A stalemate may be initiated & agreed upon if both players run out of energy or are unable to defeat each other.
  • As of right now we have decided that items & Lord Equipment will not be usable in player vs player battles. This may be subject to change in the future, for now we feel it will foster a more fair multiplayer environment.

Future multiplayer updates will bring in a suite of exciting features which expand the Meme Lordz multiplayer & bring the world of Memnon to life.

  • Arcade, League & Rating systems
  • Persistent MMO world
  • Skin & Wardrobe system
  • Open world PvP
  • Multiplayer items

Meme Lordz Play-To-Earn System:

Just an honest gamer earning some p2e.

The Meme Lordz play-to-earn system is designed to empower our players through an on-going reward system incentivizing gameplay. In the modern content landscape, human attention is the main currency & is it’s worth its weight in gold. Current global trends see this valuable asset taken from consumers in an unbalanced exchange where a user gets nothing in return for their attention. On the other side of this exchange typically lies an over-reaching corporation, profiting extensively from user attention.

Here at Meme Lordz we believe your attention is valuable & so a truly fair system should reward users for their time.

The Meme Lordz play-to-earn system will launch on the 14th of July & allow users to claim a weekly $Lordz + BNB reward in exchange for some of their hard earned Shard Dust!

The amount of Shard Dust required to make the weekly claim will vary depending on a players progression such that each player must spend roughly the same amount of time per week to be able to claim the reward.

The weekly reward will be capped for all players & primarily based on that week’s minting volume, with minting fees now funding the ongoing play-to-earn pool.

The play-to-earn system will only be available to players who have defeated O’Brien in the first encounter in the Mines, ensuring new players experience Meme Lordz full potential. Initial weekly reward amounts will be determined in the days before the p2e launches, based on active player numbers at the time.

The play-to-earn system will also receive its own updates with plans for daily reward claims & larger pools to be launched when market sentiment turns & the time is right.

Meme Lordz Phased Roadmap:

Time to grow!

After a year intense development, the Meme Lordz team have successfully delivered a multiplayer ready, lore filled, action packed nostalgic RPG which in the recent past, existed only as an idea in the mind of our founder.

While the majority of web-3 game projects are still in development, in one short year we have brought this curious world to life & stand ready with an incredible game, strong community & a bright future to look forward to.

The nature of web-3 development is incredibly challenging in that it operates on the progressive frontiers of technology, which are uncharted & unpredictable. Being one of the few fully integrated, playable blockchain games currently on the market hasn’t been easy & we have seen our fair share of technical hurdles & delays.

The new phased roadmap

With our current roadmap nearly completed, we felt it was time to review & renew our long-term focus. After long discussions within the core team, the decision has been made to move to a new, phased roadmap system which ops for agile updates as opposed to a large & drawn out development cycle. The phased roadmap will feature no hard dates, the team will be consistently releasing updates alongside bug fixes & balancing.

Community & Marketing:

As the macro-economic conditions remain uncertain, the team at Meme Lordz pivots to a defensive position. Conserving marketing funds through a bear market is critical to the survival of micro-cap projects like ours, & so we’re acting accordingly, by carefully approaching marketing expansion during this time. Utilizing organic growth & community content creation lies at the center of our on-going strategy, coupled with key upcoming partnerships. We firmly believe we can emerge from this depressive market bigger then ever.

Our on-going twitch promotion has drastically helped in filling out our twitch page with new streamers joining the family & journeying through Memnon. Organic promotions which incentivize content creation will provide the most cost-effective method for growth during this time.

Our partnership with Meme NFT continues to flourish as we round out our first marketplace promotion & move to the second phase of incentivized promotions. An action packed telegram live stream showcasing the Meme NFT marketplace & Meme Lordz multiplayer is currently being scheduled for late next week. This will feature both CEOs going head to head in a Meme Lordz multiplayer battle, fighting with purchased NFTs from the Meme NFT marketplace!

The launch of multiplayer & play-to-earn makes Meme Lordz an even more lucrative value proposition, especially in a bear market where fundamentals and hard progress are the only priority.

Get ready for a new era of Meme Lordz!



Meme Lordz

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