Meme Lordz Development Update #2

Hello and welcome to another Meme Lordz development update!

Since our last update we have been very busy working towards our v1 release and continuing to communicate with notable gamers & streamers, so to create partnerships for promotion of our v1 in the near future.

Map Design:

While our Unity developer Milan continues to power his way through our core systems, I have been busy designing the large Over-World map, where our Meme Lordz v1 will take place.

The world is quite large, expansive & varied in scope. The journey to cleanse the Meme Stream will take you through 4 distinct zones, all centred around the central Meme Stream; a crystal harvested from the deepest area of the ‘Cave of Immortal Legend’, where the first Meme Lord appeared.

The map design has primarily taken place inside a dedicated tile-map level design program called Tiled. We are now beginning to refine and import our map into the Unity project Milan has been coding the backend systems in.

A small route taken from the Forest section of our map. (placeholder NPCs)

In each corner of the map we find a unique city, complete with a smaller satellite Meme Stream which draws its power from the central, primary Meme Stream. The image above shows a route leading North out of the Forest city.

Sacred Meme Stream area of the Earth City.

The Earth city utilizes a unique form of Meme Stream energy and has drained the life from the land. Below shows the route leading to the Earth City.

Route leading to Earth City. (place holder NPC’s)

And finally we will preview an area adjacent to the central Meme Stream where our curious inhabitants have been mining the local crystal formations to bolster the technology of the city.

Cave System, adjacent to the central Meme Stream.

In our next update we will give a larger overview of the entire map and provide some in-game footage of character sprites traversing this curious land :D

Stats, Evolutions & the Battle System:

Since our last development update, Milan has completed the core Meme Lordz catalogue system which defines the characteristics of a Meme Lord as well as nearly polishing our quest/conversation system which will push users through the story content.

This progress means we can soon begin importing and setting up the rich NPC dialogue and story progression which brings our world to life.

The first run of Meme Lordz stats & evolution data is complete & ready to import into the game upon completion of the battle system. Each Meme Lord specializes in a ‘Role’ similar to traditional RPG games; Tank, Healer, Damage Dealer & Buffer. A lot of careful consideration has been poured into each Meme Lordz stats so to create an incredibly unique battle dynamic as well as the specific conditions of evolution!

We are incredibly excited for you to explore the unique and curious possibilities that emerge when trying to level & evolve your Meme Lord.

This week the core battle system coding is well underway and I am shifting my focus from the stats & evolution data to the unique move data that will power our combat system.

Due to the style of game we are creating, a-lot of time must be spent finessing large and deep spreadsheets that contain the backend data for everything mentioned above. However, since our game format is relatively simple, all the above elements will begin to rapidly come together now that the core systems and Meme Lordz data is close to completion!


And so we move into another week of exciting and heavy development!

We are currently on-track to meet our public road-map and are excited to continue previewing parts of the game & leaking new progress as it happens :D

We expect to preview some in-game footage next week when we do our next medium post, so stay tuned :D

Meme-Lordz is an upcoming blockchain game powered by the BSC network. Battle, Bind and Collect your Meme-Lordz in this viral NFT based game.