Hello & welcome to the official Meme Lordz development update #4!

We hope you have had a prosperous week & enjoyed watching the $Lordz chart over the past few days! It seems the world is beginning to take notice of our project :D

The last week has been very busy for our core development team who have been coding, designing & creating like crazy!

Very Busy!

Battle System:

Our primary goal over the last week has been to finish the core battle system, which represents the biggest hurdle in development, as our battle system is the foundation of the Meme Lordz game. A large portion of a players time will be spent in this battle system, so it must be a smooth & polished experience!

Below we preview the early pre-alpha battle system in its most basic incarnation. We have full functionality & some basic battle animations all happening smoothly! The fine tuning and finessing of graphics, battle animations, sound & general feel of the system is well underway. Next update the battle system will be well refined and looking much smoother.

Check out this battle between :

Legendary Bro & Peaceful Child VS Paranoid Stoner & Rogue Survivor

Map Updates:

While Milan has been furiously coding our battle system, we have been powering forward with map expansion, interiors & new music!

Below we preview the first settlement which players will come across after leaving the Meme Stream and journeying far away from home. You can see some beautiful structures our artist has been working on & brand new music from our in-house composer accompanies this preview :D

Another map walk-through below shows off the Meme-Stream laboratory! At the beginning of the game players will choose 2 x first tier Meme Lordz to start there journey & begin battling. Players will be encouraged to select a strategic combination which allows them to heal or buff there active Meme Lord while in battle.

Next Week!

We will continue to refine & balance our new battle system this week while making big strides in the story & progression system. The map will start getting populated by NPCs (both enemies & friendlies) & then we can begin setting up the crucial story conditions which will drive the player through this mysterious world.

The encounters with wild Meme Lordz will be setup & data input to dictate the distribution of these wild Meme Lordz across areas of the map….

Will you find Jesus?

We will refine our battle animations and ensure that our battle system is incredibly fun & balanced while putting the final pieces of the puzzle into play for our alpha.

Soon we will have a very clear picture on when we can release our closed alpha & beta versions, so keep your eyes peeled!

Community & Marketing:

As many of you know, we have seen the price of $Lordz rapidly appreciate! Our organic marketing efforts are taking root & beginning a snow ball effect with our community growth, hype & subsequently price action.

We continue our organic marketing efforts, while constantly engaging key twitch & you-tube streamers to secure an appropriate partnership. All roads lead to our closed alpha version, which will be debuted to the world on stream and allow us to initiate heavy marketing into the leadup to the public release.

As always, thank-you for the continued support, our community is everything to us!

We couldn’t have come this far without you!

Douglas Jenkins (Ryan Smith)

Meme Lordz CEO

Meme-Lordz is an upcoming blockchain game powered by the BSC network. Battle, Bind and Collect your Meme-Lordz in this viral NFT based game.