Meme Lordz Development Update #6

Meme Lordz
4 min readAug 14, 2021


Hello and welcome to the 6th development update from the team here at Meme Lordz!

The past week has been a very productive one for the Meme Lordz team, with heavy progress in development, marketing & key milestones for the $Lordz token.

This week we have connected our separate core systems together and have started to test NPC battles triggered from the overworld. We have also added more NPC interactions, a new stunning battle background & class/type icons!

Battle of some serious titans.

Introducing the types!

For the next few weeks we will be slowly introducing and highlighting the 14 types being featured in the Meme Lordz v1. Each Meme Lord may have a combination of two types, which determine which move pool it will learn from. Each move type has a corresponding State, these moves can have a chance to trigger this type specific state.

This week we introduce 4 types!

The Spiritual class are masters of healing and beneficial buffs. These sages are also highly skilled at dispelling de-buffs & cleansing states. Some spiritual moves have a chance to cause the Enlightened state which causes a Meme Lord to become immune to incoming status changes.

These noble Meme Lordz are elevated above all others through there noble blood. Royal type Lordz are heavy hitters, dealing large damage & well versed in life-steal attacks. Some royal moves have a chance to cause the SUPPRESSED state. The suppressed status causes a Meme Lord to be unable to use moves.

These nature loving, agile, survivors are incredibly talented healers & buffers. Survivalist have very unique buffs & a well rounded tool kit of dispels & status dispels. Some Survivalist moves have a chance to cause the Camouflaged status which causes a Meme Lord to heal 1/16 of its max health at the end of each turn.

The tongue twisting, double speaking Political class are masters of reducing enemy stats (debuffing). Some political type moves have a chance to cause the Corrupted state which causes a Memelord to sometimes hurt itself instead of executing a selected move.

Battle System Progress & NPC Battles:

The primary task this week has been connecting the various system we have been working on since the games inception. This has paved the way for the very first NPC battle triggered from the overworld map. Along with that we have refined the moves selection screen to make it simpler and more intuitive. Players now have a single selection screen where both moves are selected for each primary and secondary lord.

We also have buffs and de-buffs now appearing next to name plates to indicate which moves are currently effecting a Meme Lord.

To top it all off a beautiful new background for the battle scene & new interior cave map which our hero is exploring when forced into battle!

A true battle of the titans through the ages!!

The battle system will receive continued refinement with a focus on animations, sounds and balancing.

Map & NPC progress:

As you may have already noticed our videos above which showcase the first NPC battles, also feature new unseen areas of the map! These are part of the cave system adjacent to the Meme Stream and a crucial part of the story & world!

$Lordz Marketing & Exchange Listings

The last week has seen another explosion of our beloved $Lordz price. We gain new holders steadily and are continually turning heads, with key articles about Meme Lordz a regular occurrence. We have locked in a number of upcoming marketing efforts which will be timed with another monumental announcement.

While we are currently unable to say who, we are signing the contract for a CEX listing and hope to give you all details within 2–3 days from now!

This will be massive for $Lordz!

Combined with some heavy marketing efforts we will be expecting some fireworks.

Until next time!

Thankyou for your time!



Meme Lordz

Meme-Lordz is an upcoming blockchain game powered by the BSC network. Battle, Bind and Collect your Meme-Lordz in this viral NFT based game.