Meme Lordz Development Update #8

Meme Lordz
4 min readSep 4, 2021



Hello and welcome to the 8th development update from us here at team Meme Lordz!

Its been a monumental week of progress on many different fronts which has put us in a position to announce the official release date of our public beta!

We have made incredible strides in sound effects, battle animations, initial story conditions & map re/design for the game. In tandem with this progress on the game, we have also made powerful moves behind the scenes with marketing plans & the formulation of our alpha-testing competition and heavy promotion leading into the game release!

Strap in because we have some amazing content for you all.

Initial Story Conditions

Professor Grubs welcomes you to his strange land.

A very special video awaits you below highlighting our immense progress on the general NPC system & initial story conditions which set you off into the world!

NPCs have been overhauled and can now be rapidly created with story conditions, follow paths and forking dialogue options. This has created some amazing possibilities & marks a big step in development as we phase from ‘test data’ to real progress game data with save states.

We showcase our first ever run-through of the proposed first few minutes of the game :D Here you can see the player selecting there first two Meme Lordz and being challenged to the first battle of the game! This will be a typical low level battle and shows off the incredible new battle animations and SFX added this week.


This week we showcase some more epic Affinity icons from our artists, two very powerful types!


These time-warping, salty, relics bring immense power to the battlefield. Specializing in heavy damage & hybrid de-buffs. From colonization to dogmatic practises, the Ancient Meme Lordz will have you covered.

A-few screws loose.

The Deranged type is a seriously twisted & horrible group of Meme Lordz capable of dealing immense damage & applying heavy damage over time debuffs. These soulless creatures are devoid of humanity & draw there power from fear and suffering.

Beta Release Date!

So here we are! We are very excited to announce that the Meme Lordz v1 single-player public beta will be released on the 28th of October.

We will also be running a short closed alpha testing for the winners of an upcoming competition and marketing campaign we will be announcing through a very large & lucrative community very soon!

We decided to push our original dates back a-few weeks to further test the game and ensure players have the best experience possible on launch. This also puts us in a position to release NFT functionality shortly after the v1 public beta drops, so stay tuned as we continue development!

A young man stares into the void water and says … wen cmc.

Marketing, Community & Moving Forward!

As I have mentioned in telegram updates, we have locked in a very large and influential crypto YouTuber who will be making a showcase video of Meme Lordz, which we expect to go live late this coming week.

On-top of that we have been speaking to the best minds we can and formulating an incredibly powerful marketing competition to hype our alpha and beta releases. Some winners of this competition will receive exclusive alpha testing access. All the details of the competition will be announced through a large investors community next week too.

We have an AMA scheduled in our Meme Lordz telegram for a-little under 12 hours, where I will be fielding new community questions and answering those who have submitted to our AMA group.

As the bulk of development is nearly finished, we move parts of our focus to pre-launch marketing plans, including locking down some more twitch streamers to promote the game.

Need some healing?

We still have a-lot of testing to go but, we are very close!

Stay blessed my $Lordz!



Meme Lordz

Meme-Lordz is an upcoming blockchain game powered by the BSC network. Battle, Bind and Collect your Meme-Lordz in this viral NFT based game.