Meme Lordz Development Update #9

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4 min readSep 20, 2021


Seen any Lordz around these parts?

Hello & welcome to the 9th development update for us here at Meme Lordz!

Much has transpired since our last development update, including the announcement of our closed alpha testing & associated monstrous competition. We also partnered with the Quora insiders community & an amazing gaming/gambling project PolyPlay.

Rest assured that while these large strides were being made in the public domain, the team was working incredibly hard on the game behind the scenes to bring you the best experience possible.

The lower half of the new re-designed Meme Stream area.

We have a-lot of content for you in this update & are very eager to share our progress on wild Meme Lordz interactions, levelling up & learning moves, major map redesigns, new music themes & some funny moments along the way!

Map Design Overhaul

Our maps have received a-lot of love since you last saw them! The extra details & multi-levelled tiering system has allowed us to create a very unique landscape with some awesome perspective depth that we are excited to show off!

Our cave ‘dungeons’ which will be encountered soon after venturing forth from the Meme Stream, are looking spectacular as well & provide hours of gameplay for players levelling through the first zone.

The middle section of the new Meme Stream area.

We decided to tie it all together and give you a little ‘fly over’ of some of the areas you will journey through!

This video also features a brand new exploration theme from our in-house Meme Lordz music composer so feast your eyes & ears!

Wild Encounters!

The bread and butter. Hunting for wild Meme Lordz will be a very central part of every players experience on planet Memnon. Every small patch of crystals has an entirely unique set of probabilities for which Meme Lordz will appear. This allows us to effectively control the rarity or supply of Meme Lordz NFTs when the multiplayer launches later this year.

We have put together a small video in the starter zone encountering some low level wild Meme Lordz shortly after the start of the game. The first zone is filled with mostly Entertainer, Artist & Meme Affinty Lordz. Nothing of major value. If you want to find that Jesus your going to have to play long and hard!

Douglas is always watching.

You may have noticed previously that battles are conducted with multiple Meme Lordz — two of which use moves each turn.

Wild encounters will be a 1v1 situation — so your choice of Primary Lord will be critical when journeying through new zones with dangerous wild Meme Lordz around!

Levelling Up & Learning New Moves

‘The Meme Stream crystal isn’t looking healthy …

Progression is the most important part of any game, so fine tuning the experience and levelling system is very important. Each Meme Lord can learn over 20 different moves & in some dual type circumstances, 40. Moves are automatically learnt as your Meme Lord levels up!

We can now show off the proto-type menu system we have for swapping out which moves your Meme Lord takes into battle. We still have some tightening to do on these menus before alpha, but the function is there & flowing nicely.

Damage Dealer + Healer combo.

The video below shows a player with a low level Deranged Child taken from Professor Grubs lab. We watch the first ever level up and successful acquisition of 2 new moves. The player then equips one of these new moves and takes it into battle! We end on a player perusing a deeper list of moves from some higher level Lordz to show the depth later in the game.

World, NPCs & Music

The first zone, which will be available to alpha testers is now entirely populated with beautiful little NPCs. They contain little gems of wisdom and many keys to the story and situation unfolding on planet Memnon.

As you have seen above, the map design has had a huge overhaul along with the addition of mass NPCs & the other crucial functions discussed above. We thought we would show you a-few more NPC interactions to get a feel for the new map on the ground!

This video features another memorizing original composition from our in-house composer!

Alpha Competition & Onwards!

As many of you already know, we are in the middle of running a massive competition to celebrate the start of our closed alpha testing! We have some insane prizes to giveaway including 400,000 $Lordz, alpha testing passes, rare NFTs & more!

Join our telegram to find the details and be apart of this wonderful competition. We are drawing new winners regularly up until the alpha! Many community members have already won plenty of $Lordz, alpha passes and more.

We are confident our alpha testing will make waves when people see and feel how deep our game is so stay tuned.


Ill leave you with this fun experiment with a higher level battle :D



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