Meme Lordz Integrates Chainlink VRF to Mint Provably Rare NFTs in Its Blockchain-Based RPG

Meme Lordz integrates Chainlink VRF.
No more wondering if your randomly generated NFT’s are truly fair!

Wait, what is Meme Lordz?

Meme Lordz!

Using the Chainlink VRF in Meme Lordz

Our in house graphic designer Seymour has put together a wonderful graphic to illustrate the implementation of the Chainlink VRF into the Meme Lordz NFT minting system.

A truly smooth flow.
Divine Wat.
  • VRF 35% chance = Blessed 2% stat increase
  • VRF 10% chance = Divine 3% stat increase
  • VRF 4.9% chance = Celestial 4% stat increase
  • VRF 0.1% chance = Transcendent 5% stat increase
Chainlink VRF process.



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Meme Lordz

Meme Lordz


Meme-Lordz is an upcoming blockchain game powered by the BSC network. Battle, Bind and Collect your Meme-Lordz in this viral NFT based game.