MEME LORDZ UPDATE: A New Chapter Begins

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3 min readAug 2, 2023

We are thrilled to bring you a comprehensive update on the current state and future prospects of the Meme Lordz project. This announcement comes with exciting developments, new partnerships, and strategic enhancements that aim to take the Meme Lordz universe to new heights.

Strategic Partnerships & Organizational Restructuring

A monumental partnership has been forged to bring fresh energy and expertise to the Meme Lordz project. The original developer of the game, Douglas (Ryan), and Milan have joined hands with three new companies to form a dynamic DAO structure:

Memenft: They will spearhead the NFT Content, manage operations, marketing, and have a significant impact on the overall project’s future direction.

SafeSwap: Comprising team members like Jaimy de Vries, Justin Wilms, Jelle Posthuma, and others, they will lead the technical side of expanding MemeLordz Game utilities and integration with DeFi Services.

TokenWhistle: With Gavon Smit and Jelle Posthuma, they will be involved in multiple facets ranging from community engagement, partnership cultivation, creative gaming content, commercial sustainability, integration with the TokenWhistle Ecosystem/App, and more.

Ryan (Douglas): The founder and originator of the Meme Lordz universe, is the creative genius who masterfully crafted the entire game. Hailing from Australia, Ryan’s keen sense of humor and unique perspective on real-life events have been instrumental in shaping the meme atmosphere that fans have come to love. His vision and imagination have played a vital role in transforming everyday memes into an expansive and engaging gaming experience.

Milan: Also from Australia, is the brilliant developer who turned Ryan’s ideas into reality. With incredible capacity and talent, Milan has built the game from the ground up, translating complex concepts into immersive gameplay. His technical prowess and dedication have been key in creating a game that not only entertains but resonates with the meme culture.

Leadership Transition & Future Direction

The potential collaboration between Jonathan and Nico of MemeNFT, Jaimy from SafeSwap, Gavon from TokenWhistle, Douglas (Ryan), and Milan represents a synergistic blend of diverse expertise and creativity. Each partner brings unique strengths and a shared passion for maintaining the original vision while innovating for the future.

Technical Challenges & Progress

The Meme Lordz web-game is currently facing challenges due to necessary updates to our Chainsafe integration. Our team is diligently working on these issues and concurrently testing the mobile version to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Community Engagement & Ongoing Support

We recognize and appreciate the community’s active engagement with our new partners and encourage more of this collaboration. Your insights, questions, and ongoing support are the cornerstone of the Meme Lordz project’s success.

In conclusion, these new partnerships and the strategic direction mark a promising and exciting phase for Meme Lordz. The blend of gaming, NFTs, and DeFi expertise sets the stage for a unique and engaging experience that will continue to captivate and expand our community.

Stay tuned for further updates, and thank you for being part of this extraordinary journey.

The Meme Lordz Team



Meme Lordz

Meme-Lordz is an upcoming blockchain game powered by the BSC network. Battle, Bind and Collect your Meme-Lordz in this viral NFT based game.