Memelordz Community Update — October

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4 min readOct 14, 2023

To Our Valued Memelordz Community,

We acknowledge that our communication in the recent month did not meet the expectations we’ve set for ourselves. The unplanned commitments that led Jaimy de Vries to Asia played a significant role in this disruption. While it was an essential journey, it unintentionally affected the consistency and clarity of our communication, both internally and with our esteemed members. We are committed to ensuring more seamless interactions moving forward.

Game Development: Hurdles & Triumphs

Our journey in game development recently faced a hiccup due to the ChainSafe SDK update. This unexpected twist affected the minting components of Memelordz. Milan, our diligent game developer, has been on the forefront, meticulously diagnosing these issues. He’s actively collaborated with ChainSafe to ensure a swift resolution. Here’s what Milan had to say:

Note from Milan in terms of the game development issue with the ChainSafe SDK:

“Exploring alternatives brought Moralis into consideration. However, my research indicated that the official Unity Game Kit has remained untouched for nearly a year — troubling, given the dynamic nature of our industry. ChainSafe notably stands out, overshadowing competitors like Moralis in maturity and development.”

For those keen on understanding the specifics, you can view the ChainSafe Issue on GitHub.

On a brighter note, Ryan, now stationed in Australia, is set to revamp our gaming updates. We’re buzzing with excitement as we look forward to revealing new storylines and captivating artworks. This array of content is slated to grace our soon-to-be-launched website.

Website Launch: A Sneak Peek

Our commitment to launching our new website has not wavered. While the majority of the content stands ready, we’re smoothing out the final touches, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into the website’s infrastructure.

The Much-Anticipated MemeLordz Mobile

We sense the palpable anticipation for MemeLordz Mobile. We want you to know it tops our priority list. However, it’s equally crucial for us to ensure Milan isn’t overwhelmed, more so amidst the ongoing challenges with ChainSafe SDK.

Fortifying Community Engagement
A cornerstone feature of our upcoming website will be a segment exclusively for community-authored content. This space will be a haven for our members to articulate concerns, share feedback, and engage meaningfully. It’s a testament to our dedication to ensuring every member feels valued, beyond the periodic interactions on our Telegram channel.

Token of Our Appreciation: A Special Giveaway

In recognition of the patience and resilience our community has showcased, especially during challenging times, we’re rolling out a special giveaway. A token of our gratitude, this will offer select devoted holders the chance to earn exclusive Memelordz merchandise — from stylish caps to T-shirts and more. As these gifts come at no cost, we request recipients to kindly bear the shipping expenses.

More information about this event will soon arise.

Thank you for your loyalty to MemeLordz

Closing this note, we’d like to reiterate our gratitude. Your unwavering support, understanding, and patience inspire us. While the journey has been riddled with bumps, our resolve to strengthen our bond remains unshaken. Together, we’ll ensure this voyage is memorable and rewarding.

With heartfelt thanks,

The Memelordz Team



Meme Lordz

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